Upgrading your business, and your insurance

When you first founded your business in Chandler, AZ, you didn’t need commercial insurance. Maybe you assumed you would never need insurance for your company. A lot of people start a side gig as something to help make ends meet or keep them busy on weekends, and before long, that side gig has become their main gig, and then it goes from being just a job to being a real piece of the Southwestern economic landscape. It’s sort of a mixed blessing when something that started as a hobby you pursued in the garage becomes an honest to goodness business.

So you call San Marcos Insurance Group to get coverage. You’re taking on employees and business risks, so you need to get covered. But your company just keeps growing, and it seems like once a year it’s time to call your people again and boost your insurance.

Eventually you have to make the decision as to whether you want to keep growing. It’s not just the insurance costs, it’s all of the extra responsibilities that come with a thriving business. Eventually you have to hire a legal team, IT guys, customer service reps and so on.

If you want to ride your growth as far as it will take you, just don’t neglect your insurance. When you deal with San Marcos Insurance Group, they can help to connect you to an insurer who will cover your Chandler, AZ business and bear in mind that you might not be done growing, that you could be on the phone again next year, next month, or even next week to ask for a new deal.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Home Insurance

Buying home insurance is a big decision, though it’s often pushed aside in favor of different questions when owners first move into their place. Much more immediate matters are usually given priority, such as moving logistics or how to fill out all the necessary paperwork to close the deal. Here are just a few tips from San Marcos Insurance Group for what to consider before buying home insurance. 

1. Neighborhood Threats 

Where you live is a big factor when it comes to buying home insurance. If you’re in Chandler, AZ, you need to understand everything from crime rates to how many major storms you get a year before you choose which clauses you want in your policy. 

2. Lifestyle Threats 

Another thing to consider is your lifestyle. Are your children particularly accident-prone? Do you often work with dangerous tools? Home insurance may be the only thing that helps in the event of a major catastrophe. 

3. Long-Term Planning 

Home insurance is meant to be a long-term investment, so you need to re-frame how you see it. It’s a major part of your personal safety and your peace of mind, and it also helps you to get a better final resale value on your home.

4. Personal Resources

When people don’t have the right home insurance, they have to rely on their own personal resources to help them. If you don’t have people who can take you in or funds you can use to get your home back in shape, you’ll want to reconsider your policy. 

5. The Right Partner 

San Marcos Insurance Group serves Chandler, AZ, and we can help you figure out what you need when it comes to a home insurance policy. Let our staff help you today when you give us a call.