4 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Car and 1 Thing You Should

Your vehicle can handle a lot of things, such as extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, the items that you leave inside of your vehicle aren’t so lucky. You know you shouldn’t keep food in the car, but you may not be as familiar with some of the less-obvious items. For Chandler, AZ car owners, San Marcos Insurance Group shares a few things you shouldn’t keep in your vehicle, especially when the temperatures are excruciating outside.

What You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Vehicle

Children and Pets

For some, this one may be obvious. For others, well, it may not be. Children and pets should never be left in a vehicle. During the summer, it only takes an hour or less for the car’s cabin to spike about 50 degrees higher than the temperature outside. This type of heat is fatal. During the winter, there is a risk of hypothermia, especially for children, pets, and the elderly.


Any kind of electronic, from smartphones to laptops, cannot withstand extreme temperatures. These kinds of temperatures can reduce battery life and damage the processors. Plus, it makes your vehicle more vulnerable to vandalism and theft, especially if those electronics are visible from outside.

Sunscreen and Medications

Extreme temperatures can cause the active ingredients in medications and sunscreen to break down. Because of this, these items can become ineffective. Therefore, for your health and safety, keep any medications and sunscreen inside your home.

Plastic Water Bottles

You may not give much thought to your plastic water bottles, but as the temperatures rise, chemicals from the plastic can seep into the water in the bottles. While it is true that most bottles are BPA-free now, it is important to keep plastic bottles cool, as there are other potentially harmful chemicals that could be present. Ideally, you should opt for a refillable bottle.

What You Should Keep in Your Vehicle

Proof of Auto Insurance

The one thing you should always keep in your vehicle is proof of your auto insurance. This is to ensure you can provide it to the authorities if you are pulled over and avoid a ticket and to share with another motorist if you’re in an accident.

If you are currently in need of auto insurance coverage in Chandler, AZ, reach out to San Marcos Insurance Group.

Commercial Insurance Options to Consider as a Winery

Although incredibly fun and rewarding, owning and operating a vineyard and winery can be a bit complex. One reason for this is the potential risks that you face with your business. With that being said, it is important to speak with an insurance agent at San Marcos Insurance Group to ensure you have the proper commercial business protection for your Chandler, AZ winery.

Liability Insurance

This kind of insurance is great for wineries, as well as all other businesses, as it is designed to protect you from court expenses that stem from a potential lawsuit from a customer. Many businesses tend to overlook the importance of liability protection but consider a few things. 

What would you do if an individual slips and falls while in the wine tasting room? Or if a customer claims a health problem cropped up after consuming your wine? Liability insurance will protect you in these instances.

Crop Insurance

When you’re making wine, you also have grapes that you must take care of and pick. These grapes, the butter of your business, need sufficient protection in the event of a disaster. When it comes to your grapes, there are so many different things you have to consider, including insect infestations, vine infections, and natural disasters. By investing in crop insurance, you will be able to recoup some of your losses.

Equipment Insurance

Just as you have grapes to make wine, you also have equipment. For instance, if you are a bigger business, you may have a grape harvesting machine so you don’t have to hand-pick the grapes yourself. In the event this equipment breaks down, will you be able to cover the cost of repair or replacement with no problem? Your insurance agent can help you identify the exact type of equipment insurance you need to ensure you are protected.

Whether you are a new winery or a seasoned business in Chandler, AZ, San Marcos Insurance Group can take care of you. Contact us today to discuss specifics.