what is comprehensive auto insurance in Chandler, AZ and what does it cover?

Road accidents do not have to necessarily involve collisions; you could hit an animal, rock or tree branch that fall on your car as you park. However, with the right auto insurance policies from San Marcos Insurance Group you are assured that wherever your vehicle is, it is always protected. Comprehensive coverage is what you need—it covers for expense and damage that may result from anything other than collision.

One crucial point to understand is that comprehensive insurance is not a requirement by law, but is an important policy based on the value and use of your car. Although comprehensive insurance is sold separately from collision insurance, the driver must typically have collision insurance to be allowed to buy comprehensive coverage.

What does a comprehensive insurance cover?

  1. Vandalism
  2. Theft
  3. Fire
  4. Natural disasters such as tornado or hurricane
  5. Falling objects
  6. Civil riots, explosions, or disturbance that may lead to car damage
  7. Rocks
  8. Storms, floods, earthquake, hail, and lightning
  9. Accidents with animals

Note that if you were driving and came across an object or animal which prompted you to swerve to avoid hitting it, but instead hit another vehicle, that accident will be covered under collision and not comprehensive insurance. Collision coverage is a requirement in Chandler, AZ, as it is the pillar cover on the road. The only problem with it is that it is limited.

At San Marcos Insurance Group, we recommend having both insurance policies as they work hand in hand to keep you safe. If you are a car enthusiast, you probably won’t appreciate even colliding with a small stone, and comprehensive insurance provides you with the ultimate protection needed. Visit us at San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ today and be safe.

What does it mean that Arizona is a “fault” state?

When it comes to auto insurance there are states that have chosen to be a “fault” state and others that are “no-fault” states. Arizona is a fault state. This means that in the case of an auto accident, there is a determination made of who is at fault for causing the accident. If the at-fault driver is disputed then this dispute is settled by a court case. Sometimes the court determines that the fault was proportional between more than one driver.

What happens if you are at fault?

The person who is at fault is responsible for the damages incurred by all parties and any injuries or deaths caused by the accident. Talk about these concerns with your auto insurance agent at San Marcos Insurance Group, serving Chandler, AZ and the surrounding area, to make sure you understand your coverage, deductible, and policy limits. You need to know what would happen if the court was to determine that you are all or partially at-fault.

What happens if another driver is at fault?

If you are in a vehicle that is in an accident caused by another person, you may be able to get reimbursed for any medical bills and treatment. You may be compensated for any lost wages and paid for any property damage. You may also be reimbursed for any direct expenses related to the accident such as towing, storage, and the cost of a rental car while your car is repaired. You may also recover an extra amount for pain and suffering.

What happens if the person causing the accident is not insured?

If the person at fault for causing the accident does not have any insurance or the insurance that they do have is not sufficient to pay the full claim, you can sue them for the excessive damages. However, collecting from them may be problematic. This is why it is a good idea to also carry “uninsured motorists” coverage in addition to your regular auto insurance coverage.

If you have this extra protection then your own insurance company will pay the claim if the other driver, who is at fault, does not have insurance or the amount that they have is insufficient.

Consult with your agent at San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ to get a quote for new auto insurance or update an auto insurance policy that you already have.

How an Auto Insurance Claim Works

If you’re one of the millions of drivers who have been paying auto insurance for years without ever getting into an accident, you may have wondered what it is you’re actually paying for. It’s not like many people are sitting around googling how auto insurance works. In fact, if you’re reading this right now you’re most likely here because you have a reason to make an auto insurance claim.

So knowing that insurance isn’t the most interesting thing in the world, we’ll keep this post succinct. If you need more information, we’re always here into help drivers in the Chandler, AZ area at San Marcos Insurance Group.

The first thing that happens in the claim process is the notification of an incident to the insurance company. This is typically done through a phone call from the driver to their insurance company. A claims report is filled out by the representative at the insurance company based on information given by the driver.

Next, the insurance company collects information on behalf of the driver. This can include things like police reports and claims reports from the insurance companies of other drivers involved in an accident.

The insurance company will use this information to determine fault. Their finding, however, doesn’t carry any more weight than the finding of one of the other driver’s insurance companies who may have a completely different opinion about the incident.

If conclusions differ between claim reports then one of several things can happen. If everyone agrees then the insured is paid based on their coverage amounts. When there is disagreement the insurance companies can negotiate between themselves, go to an arbitrator, or go to court.

It can be a complicated and sticky process. So if you want insurance that is on your side when you need it then contact us at San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ.

Does Auto Insurance Cover Friends Driving My Car?

What happens when your teenager, friend, or other family borrow your car to run some errands? You probably through the car keys at them and wish them a nice ride. However, have you ever take a minute to think about what might happen if they are involved in an accident while riding your vehicle? Will your insurance policy from San Marcos Insurance Group cover them? Therefore, before you blindly allow other people to drive your car, it is good to think about the other issues involved. Knowing what your auto insurance will cover and what it won’t cover is critical when it comes to friends or family members driving your vehicle.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Other People?

Car owners in Chandler, AZ commonly ask this question, and it is a genuine question that requires explanation. To better understand this query, you need to understand the various types of auto policies and what they cover. While some insurance policies cover the driver, others are specifically meant to cover the vehicle.

In general, your car insurance policy will cover the vehicle and not the driver. However, there will always be exceptions to cover the driver as well. If the driver you are lending your car is licensed and insured, he/she might be covered by your or his/her insurance policy. Typically, the liability coverage covers only you and no one else. The good thing about liability coverage is that it will still cover you when you drive other people’s cars. The opposite is also true. This means that if your friend has liability coverage and they get behind the wheels of your vehicle, they will still be covered.

The collision and comprehensive coverage will always cover your car in Chandler, AZ no matter who was driving it at the time of the accident. These two types of policies are usually linked to your vehicle and not the driver.

Contact San Marcos Insurance Group today for your auto insurance policy.

What Happens If You Are In An Accident With An Uninsured Motorist in Chandler, AZ?

Residents of Chandler, AZ are required to carry automotive insurance on all of the vehicles they operate on the state’s highways. The agents of San Marcos Insurance Group are able to provide you with a wide variety of policies that are written to meet your individual needs. Every person is different when it comes to the type and amount of coverage they need to feel fully protected.

Arizona is considered an at-fault state. This places the financial responsibility for the accident with the "at-fault" driver. In most cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy will cover any resulting damages or injuries that stem from the accident. If the driver has no insurance, they become personally responsible. While your uninsured motorist coverage will compensate you to an extent, it will not exceed the designated limits of your policy. 

If your medical bills exceed the designated limits, you will have to seek legal compensation by filing a lawsuit against the driver who is at fault. If you’ve been involved in an auto accident and discover that the other driver does not have insurance or doesn’t have sufficient coverage, retaining a personal injury lawyer is in your best interest. If you choose to hire an attorney, time is of the essence due to specific deadlines that must be met when filing these types of claims.

The agents of San Marcos Insurance Group encourage residents who live in Chandler, AZ and many of the surrounding communities to contact their office if they have any questions concerning their existing auto insurance policy or would like to receive a quote on a new one. Each agent has several years of experience and is dedicated to providing you and your neighbors the best service possible. 

Prevent Distracted Driving in Arizona

In 2014, police officers in Arizona made over 10,000 stops that involved distracted drivers. At least 11% of the stops resulted in vehicle crashes. Distracted driving is a major issue all over the country, but in Chandler, AZ, the San Marcos Insurance Group would like to help you navigate safely on the road by knowing how to prevent distracted driving.

Cell Phones are a Risk

Cell phones are the most common reason a person becomes distracted while they are driving. When you use your cell phone, you are taking your eyes off of the road. It may only seem like a second, but that’s all you need to pass by a stop sign or miss a pedestrian in the crosswalk. Talking on your cell phone is not the only way you can be distracted. Texting, watching a video, checking your email, or playing a game are other ways your phone can be the catalyst to an accident.

Eating and Drinking

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, it may seem quicker to have your breakfast or lunch in the car. This can be a great distraction because you are not completely focused on the road. Have your sandwich or coffee before you get in the car. Spilling a hot drink on your lap could cause you to swerve into another car or object.

Drowsy Driving is Dangerous

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year more than 100,000 accidents are a result of drowsy drivers. When you feel fatigued, you should not get behind the wheel. Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep before you drive. If you have to drive out-of-state, bring a friend along who can drive for you while you rest.

In Chandler, AZ, the independent insurance agents at San Marcos Insurance Group have detailed information regarding auto insurance rates.

Does My Auto Insurance Go Down After 25 Years Old?

Turning a quarter-century old does have some benefits, including being able to rent a car without paying huge fees for being a young driver and potentially lower auto insurance rates. Does turning 25 years old guarantee lower insurance rates? Let’s find out.

First, it’s important to understand that age is simply one factor that auto insurance providers consider while calculating your premium. Another important thing to understand is that insurance companies don’t like to give away money if they don’t have too, so just because you turn 25 doesn’t mean you’ll automatically see lower rates. Often, you’ll need to contact your provider and request that your premium be lowered because of your age. Sometimes, your provider may tell you that they can offer you lower rates when you renew your policy, however, you shouldn’t blindly accept this as something set in stone. Shop around with other providers, such as San Marcos Insurance Group who serves the Chandler, AZ area, then return to your auto insurance provider and ask them how much they value you as a customer. You may see your rates adjusted on the spot when you demonstrate that you’re willing to shop around and leave your provider, if necessary, to get a lower premium.

Secondly, you need to consider that there are other factors influencing your premium. If you just turned 25, but also just bought an expensive luxury car or high horsepower sports car, your premium may actually go up. On the other hand, some lifestyle changes, such as getting married, could result in lower premiums even before you’re 25. Regardless of what your auto insurance provider tells you, the best way to ensure you’re getting the best price is to shop around. If you’re nearby the Chandler, AZ area, the San Marcos Insurance Group can provide you with personalized information regarding your exact situation. Showing your current auto insurance provider that you’re the type of customer that shops around lets them know that they may need to work harder to keep you as a customer, versus someone who blindly renews an auto insurance policy with the same company for years.

How Arizona’s sun harms your car

One of the nice things about living in Chandler, AZ is just how bright and sunny it is here, every single day, even in the Winter. Even when the temperatures drop to just a few degrees below freezing in the Winter, the sun still seems to shine through no matter what. This is great if you hate overcast, dreary, depressing gray days. But it’s not always so good for your skin, and it’s not always so good for your car, either.

Your car functions a little bit like your body in the way that it responds to the sun. Too much exposure can result in damage to the exterior, and even overheating. You protect your body by using sunscreen and staying in the shade when you can, and you can protect your car with the same principles.

Too much sun will cause your paint to fade, chip and peel, but regular waxing can help to deflect some of the sun’s rays and keep your paint job looking like new for years to come. You can also buy a car in a lighter color so that it will reflect the sunlight rather than absorb the heat.

Likewise, you want to keep your car in the shade whenever you can. Not everyone in Chandler, AZ has a garage, of course, but you can invest in a cover to throw over your car if you’re going to be leaving it outside for awhile in the sun, or park it in a shady spot like under a tree.

It’s unlikely the sun will do enough damage that you need to put in a claim through San Marcos Insurance Group, but it can do some harm. Let San Marcos Insurance Group worry about major damages, you worry about protecting your car from getting sunburned.

When It’s Time To Explore A New Auto Insurance Policy

Driving throughout Chandler, AZ can be fun and dangerous at the same time. You never know what other drivers are going to do. You also never know how the weather will impact driving conditions. Your auto insurance policy needs to be capable of protecting you against every possible scenario.

Looking at Your Policy

One of the first things you need to do is take a good look at your auto insurance policy. You are required to maintain at least the minimum levels as required by the state. If this is the only coverage you have, you may be missing some areas of protection. For example, comprehensive coverage is not required, though it is highly recommended because it will cover things that happen outside of driving. This includes shopping cart incidents, cracked windshields, and much more.

You don’t want to pay out-of-pocket more than what is absolutely necessary, which is why your policy needs to be strong.

Examining Common Incidents

It’s a good idea to look at some of the common incidents that occur amongst car owners in Chandler. At San Marcos Insurance Group, we will be happy to provide you with some of this information as well. This will allow you to build a policy that provides more substantial protection. If something does happen, you will be able to file a claim and have the insurance company pay for everything.

If you have had issues with paying too much out of pocket with your auto insurance in Chandler, AZ, it’s time to explore a new policy. At San Marcos Insurance Group, an experienced insurance agent can help every step of the way. It allows you to learn more about the possibilities that exist with your policy as well as some of the other insurance companies that offer policies in Arizona.




Auto Insurance Arizona

Route 66 is a popular touring destination for automobile owners looking to experience the American Southwest. Arizona mandates auto insurance registration for all drivers with the state Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Drivers with a record of traffic citations or driving without insurance in the state may be subject to fine. Liability auto insurance is the minimum insurance coverage for Arizona drivers.  

Required Auto Insurance Coverage

Arizona’s Financial Responsibility law requires registration of a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (SR-22) at a state MVD to reinstate a license. All drivers must evidence proof for auto liability insurance of a minimum of 15/30/10 or 15,000/30,000/10,000 or:

  • $15,000 bodily injury coverage for death of one (1) person, in an accident
  • $30,000 bodily injury coverage for death of two (2) or more persons in an accident. Coverage is subject to a $15,000 per person limit
  • $10,000 property damages or injury of another in an accident

Optional Auto Insurance Coverage

Prior to signing on to auto insurance coverage, Arizona drivers may supplement liability insurance with the additional coverage for:

  • Auto lease
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive collision and liability
  • Parts and equipment replacement
  • Medical bills
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily 
  • Uninsured motorist property damage 
  • Towing and auto repair costs

Combined auto insurance and homeowners insurance, or medical insurance agreements may be available through your insurance broker. Ask an agent about comprehensive coverage, as well as premiums, claim submission, and compensation limits. Factors such as age, model, of vehicle, driving history, credit score, and city of residence may affect insurance policy premiums. Drivers classified as higher risk as result of age and gender, DWIs or traffic citations, may also be required to supplemental fees.

To find out more about auto insurance in Arizona, and to obtain a quote, contact San Marcos Insurance Group, Chandler, AZ.