Choosing Value Level in Auto Insurance

When you insure your new-to-you vehicle in Chandler, AZ, you probably want the quickest option so you can hit the road. At San Marcos Insurance Group, we want to explain why it’s best to take the time to create a custom policy instead of choosing the state minimum package.

What State Minimum Insurance Covers

Arizona requires every driver to carry liability insurance to cover property damage and bodily injury. That coverage protects the other drivers on the road but does not damage your vehicle or cause injuries.

Choosing Full Coverage

When you purchase auto insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage, it protects you from financial loss if your vehicle is totaled or damaged. Collision coverage protects you from financial loss due to a single—or multi-vehicle accident.

Choosing Your Valuation Method

Choosing the correct valuation method ensures that your insurance covers you fully. Actual cash value won’t pay for a new car even if you totaled a new car because it uses the depreciated value of the vehicle. Fair market value improves the amount you get from a claim, but agreed-upon value provides the best payout. Stated value uses the value you state, but you must provide documentation to prove it. You choose which valuation method to use when you purchase your insurance policy. For stated value, you will also provide documentation of the vehicle’s value.

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Tips for making your home safer

Safety in your home begins both inside and outside. Ensuring that you and your family not only feel safe and secure but are safe and secure is vital to your peace of mind. At San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ, we provide the coverage you need to keep your home safe from all the financial dangers that exist. 

Tips for outdoor safety

Keeping your home safe from dangers on the outside starts with a home security system. You have no excuse these days for not having one since they are affordable and easy to install. Combined with motion detector lights that cover the entire exterior of your home, this provides the best option. Keeping the shrubbery away from the front of your home is another safety tip that eliminates hiding places. Use the locks that your home has on windows and doors. 

To keep the home safe for visitors, ensure that all walkways are in good repair and avoid trip hazards. 

Indoor safety tips

Safety is just as important inside your home. Falls are one of the most common causes of death and injuries in the home. This means clearing clutter from halls and stairs and making sure that you have adequate lighting. Don’t use throw rugs, which can slip, and keep any extension cords out of the way of foot traffic. 

Keep any poisons, including cleaning solutions, laundry detergent, and weed killers, out of reach of children and pets. Also, keep medication under lock and key and out of reach of curious children. 

When you are ready to change or discuss your home insurance, San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ, can provide the service you require. As independent insurance agents, we can offer more choices and competitive rates.