Will Pre-Existing Conditions Ruin My Health Insurance?,

In the past, pre-existing conditions could seriously complicate your health insurance coverage. These days, things have changed for the better. So if you live in Chandler, AZ and need help, let us at San Marcos Insurance Group show you the way.

Pre-Existing Conditions Shouldn’t Affect Your Policy

Under the ACA, pre-existing conditions cannot affect whether you are accepted or even influence your premiums. In fact, it is against the law for your provider to even attempt to do either of these things. In this way, more people can have health insurance and you can get your issues treated without suffering from excessively expensive policies.

When Your Policy Could Be Affected

There are a few instances in which a provider may deny you because of pre-existing conditions. These are generally very rare and only occur in situations that are obviously improper. For example, people who try to buy a short-term plan to save themselves money by covering a specific problem may be denied if they have pre-existing conditions. This idea was put in place to protect companies from fraud.

What if a Provider Does Increase Premiums or Deny Coverage?

If you somehow find an insurance provider that denies your coverage or increases your premiums because of pre-existing conditions, you have found a provider that is committing a crime. You need to report them to the proper authorities and find another insurance dealer who is going to have your back when it comes time to pay for your coverage.

Let Us Help You

So if you live in Chandler, AZ and have pre-existing conditions that you are worried will complicate your insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at San Marcos Insurance Group. Our specialists will take a look at your case and find a policy that is fair for you and which won’t cost you an arm and a leg to buy.

How Are Life Insurance Needs Calculated?

One of the best ways to offer protection to your loved ones in the event of your untimely death is life insurance. Life insurance is designed to give them the financial security they need to cover expenses and living costs in the years to come. Having a loss of income can devastate those who aren’t protected by a quality life insurance policy. Find out how to calculate your insurance needs with a few basic tips.

Calculating Life Insurance Needs

The rule of thumb for figuring out your life insurance coverage amounts is to add up all of the financial expenses, including tuition costs, for the next ten years. This will ensure that all of the bills such as mortgage payments are covered and give your family or loved ones the time they need to recover. If you are unsure of all of the costs that should be factored in, you can consult a licensed life insurance agent, and they will give you the information you need to get a figure that will protect everyone after your passing.

Finding The Right Insurance Company

Finding the right life insurance provider is just as important as finding the right coverage. You want to choose a company that offers superior customer service and can educate its consumers on the fine print in the contract. An excellent company that serves the residents in and around the Chandler, AZ area is San Marcos Insurance Group. They have highly skilled agents that can help you discover coverage options designed to fit your lifestyle and protect your family from financial losses as a result of untimely death.

If you live in or around the Chandler, AZ area and would like more information about life insurance options, call or stop by San Marcos Insurance Group to speak with a friendly agent. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Owning a business is a very challenging experience. While it can be very rewarding and is a dream that many people share, owning a business does come with a lot of unique risks that need to be carefully addressed. For business owners that are in the Chandler AZ area, getting a commercial insurance policy could provide a lot of coverage that can mitigate some serious risks. Commercial insurance can provide a variety of types of coverage to a business and its owners.

Protects Against Liability

If you own a business, you are taking on liability whenever you have a customer come to your place or business or use your product or service. Given the volume that your business can do, this is a lot of risks that you are taking on every day. When you have a commercial insurance policy in place, you will receive protection against this liability. You will also receive support in the event your business is sued.

Injured Workers

When you have employees that work for your business, you will be required by state law to carry workers compensation insurance. This type of coverage will provide insurance coverage in the event an employee or contractor is injured while working for you on the job. This could prove to be very valuable for both you and your employees if someone is hurt.

If you are a business owner in the Chandler, AZ area and would like to know more about commercial insurance and how it can protect you and your business, contacting the San Marcos Insurance Group would be beneficial. The San Marcos Insurance Group will be able to explain to you what all the benefits of commercial insurance are and will help to make sure that you choose the right commercial insurance policy for your business.


Auto Insurance For Teen Drivers

Things often get confusing when it comes to car insurance for teen drivers. In most cases, young drivers are likely to cause more car accidents compared to older drivers, meaning that the risk level that the insurance company covers is higher. Younger drivers who are aged 16 and below have a higher crash rate compared to 18 and 19-year-old teens.  This makes teen car insurance a bit costly. The younger your teen is the more you will pay for the coverage.

Are you searching for car insurance policy for your teen? Companies like San Marcos Insurance Group serve the Chandler, AZ area and its surroundings and can provide affordable auto insurance for teen drivers.

Teen auto insurance alternatives

Since auto insurance policies for teens can be a little costly, here are some options to consider:

Add a teen to your auto insurance policy

One of the easiest and less costly ways to get auto insurance for your teen is to add them to your policy. Parents who add their teen to their policy should expect their rates to run high. Sometimes, these rates can go higher than insuring an adult driver.

Contact the insurance company and discuss the changes you would like to make on your policy in details. They will provide the minimum and maximum coverage limit to ensure that they inform you of the ins and outs of each coverage, including the available discounts. Also, ensure you have your teen’s driver’s license data before contacting your preferred insurance company.

Buy your teen their own policy

Are you wondering if you can get a separate teen auto insurance in Chandler, AZ? Yes, insurers can sell covers directly to teens. However, you must know what the state laws stipulate when it comes to your teen’s ability to sign for insurance. For instance, you might be required to co-sign and this doesn’t come cheaply. In fact, the teen might have a higher premium than adding them to a guardian or parent’s policy.

You can get teen auto insurance from San Marcos Insurance Group. Contact us today for more information.

The Benefits of Health Insurance

No one ever plans to get sick, but when it happens, you need to be financially prepared to cater for medical expenses. And with the rising costs of living, something as basic as healthcare can be very costly. That’s why you need to have health insurance with San Marcos Insurance Group to protect you and your family from the unknown. Plus, most people in Chandler, AZ are required to have health insurance or risk paying a penalty. Some of the benefits of having health insurance include:

Preventive Care Services

Several people have to deal with deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, and obesity due to lack of early detection. Health insurance allows you one or more medical check-ups a year. This means that you have the chance to detect an illness early enough and treat it before it gets serious.

It Gives you Peace of Mind

No one wishes to get injured or ill, but it happens anyway and without warning. This means it could happen when you don’t have the financial ability to get proper medical care. With proper coverage, you don’t have to worry about that because your health insurance coverage will come in handy.

Offers a Wide Coverage

Health insurance offers several categories of health care services. They include inpatients care, doctor’s services, prescription drugs, pregnancy, maternity services, mental health services, pre-natal and post-natal services, dental services, surgeries, the list is endless.

Access to Certain Healthcare Services

In the event of an emergency, one second is all that is needed to save a life. Having health insurance may give you access to ambulance services and emergency room services.

San Marcos Insurance Group is here to help you find an affordable health insurance policy that suits your needs. We service the area of Chandler, AZ, and its environs. Contact us today for more information.

7 Strange Health Tips

Many health tips are well-known, such as eating less and exercising more will lead to weight loss, or drink more water to prevent dehydration.  These 7 health tips may seem a little strange, but they work to improve your health.

  1. Skip the energy drink when you need energy because you’ll avoid the spike and crash when it wears off.  A big glass of water will improve your energy for a long time consistently.
  2. Eat less by eating more protein.  A 100-calorie snack of crackers may seem like the way to go, but eating something with more protein will sustain your hunger longer.  No matter how carbs are dressed up, it will cause you to crave more carbs.
  3. Skip the diet soda when you want to lose weight.  Studies show that dieters who regularly drink diet sodas eat more food calories.
  4. When you’re feeling exhausted is the best time to get some exercise.  A single 30-minute moderate exercise session will energize you and also improve your mood.
  5. Cool off by drinking a hot beverage.  Sipping a hot cup of tea will increase your body’s natural sweat production and cool you off naturally as it evaporates from your skin.
  6. Stop using antibacterial soap to help prevent illness.  Studies show no evidence that antibacterial soap is more effective than regular soap.  Long-term exposure to the chemicals can decrease necessary natural bacteria that helps fight infection.
  7. Handwritten notes can help boost your brainpower.  Handwriting notes will help improve your memory and boost the brain because it’s processing more information.

San Marcos Insurance Group

The agents at San Marcos Insurance Group in the Chandler, AZ area care about your health.  If you need health insurance in the Chandler, AZ area, contact one of our knowledgeable agents today to explore your options.

Commercial Insurance for Outside Groups and Companies in Chandler, AZ

If ever there is an instance your company allows for use of your property by another organization, company or group, it is necessary to have a quality insurance policy in place for this particular situation. It is necessary that said individuals receive at least minimal coverage upon physical injury or other issues occurring. You can obtain this through an agency such as San Marcos Insurance Group, which serves the greater Chandler, AZ area.

Read on to learn more about the insurance policy you will need when you have outside individuals using your commercial property.

The Basics of the Commercial General Liability Policy

Commercial General Liability policy (also known as CGL) keeps your business protected in terms of instances in which you would be held liable for negligent acts that are not of a professional nature. Though this commonly is thought of to protect the company from a customer suing after bumping into, tripping, or otherwise becoming harmed on the property, it also covers outside entities who become injured in some way.

In order to ensure that this is active and coverage will be in place, it may be necessary for a representative of the group to read a form explaining what will and will not be covered. This serves a two-fold purpose of lessening the burden on the injured party, and protecting your assets.  

How to Purchase a Commercial General Liability Policy

This may be purchased as a stand-alone policy. Also, you can purchase it as part of a Commercial Package or Business Owners Policy. A qualified agent in Chandler, AZ can explain the coverage you need for your business activities. Reach out to San Marcos Insurance Group today to get started.


Do I Need Umbrella Insurance?

Making sure that you are properly covered by insurance is a very important component of overall personal financial health.  One type of insurance that people should consider getting is umbrella insurance.  For those that are in the Chandler, AZ area, there are several factors to consider when determining if you do need to get umbrella insurance.

Lack of Liability Protection

One of the main factors to consider when you are determining if you should get umbrella insurance is figuring out if you currently lack liability protection.  If you do not have a strong liability policy in place on your home insurance policy, then having some additional umbrella insurance could be very beneficial.  This will be able to provide you with additional liability coverage on top of your existing home, auto, or other insurance policies.  

Higher Risk of Lawsuit

The second situation in which you should have umbrella insurance in place is if you are a higher risk of being sued.  If you are a public figure or are well known for being wealthy, you are more likely to be targeted for lawsuits.  To ensure you are protected for one of these lawsuits, you should have an umbrella insurance policy in place to provide you with liability coverage.  The provider will not only provide coverage but could also handle negotiations for you.

Since determining whether or not you need to have umbrella insurance in place is confusing, working with a professional could be beneficial.  For those that are in the Chandler, AZ area, a great first place to start is with the San Marcos Insurance Group.  When you work with the San Marcos Insurance Group you will receive more feedback on your situation and will receive guidance as to whether you need umbrella insurance and how much coverage you should have.  

What Factors Affect Life Insurance Costs?

Various factors affect the cost of life insurance. Some of these factors can’t be changed while others depend a great deal on your personal choices and lifestyle. Your choice of occupation, habits and hobbies, for example, help determine the cost of a life insurance policy from San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ. Here are some of the main factors that affect life insurance costs.

Your age and gender can affect the cost of life insurance. Life insurance is more affordable to buy when you’re young and healthy. The older you get, the higher the costs. If you’re a woman, you can expect to pay less for your coverage as women, in general, have longer lifespans than men.

Insurance companies consider your overall health and fitness when determining life insurance costs. People with health problems such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. will pay more for coverage due to greater risk of dying sooner. If your family has a history of inherited diseases, you will probably pay more for coverage as well. If you’re in good health, you can expect to pay less. By taking measures to improve your health, you’ll not only live longer but pay a reduced price for your life insurance premiums. Quitting smoking is another way you can reduce your life insurance rates.

Your choice of hobbies and occupation can raise or lower the cost of life insurance. Perilous hobbies like car racing or skydiving puts you at greater risk of having a fatal accident, resulting in your having to pay more for your life insurance premium. People with risky occupations like construction workers, firefighter or aircraft pilots are also more likely to pay higher life insurance rates.

Your choice of life insurance policy will also affect its cost. For more information on affordable life insurance options, contact San Marcos Insurance Group in Chandler, AZ.

Does Commercial Insurance Protect My Business During a Severe Weather Event?

Severe weather events can cause serious damage to communities, businesses and homes.  Business owners know that weather events can not only harm their physical structures but also disrupt their ability to serve their clientele.  Many owners wonder if they are covered if there is weather damage.  The simple answer is ‘yes’.  Most commercial insurance packages cover the physical structure of a business.  The amount and type of coverage that the business owner has will determine how the insurance company will compensate the business for the damage to or loss of a structure.  Within a commercial policy, the property insurance portion will cover not only the building but also the equipment and inventory.  The agents at San Marcos Insurance Group serve businesses in the Chandler, AZ area.  They can ensure that your business has the coverage needed.

It is important to know that during a large-scale weather event, insurance adjusters will be inundated with calls from customers so there may be some delay in them getting to the business’ property.  In order to begin operating normally as quickly as possible, business owners should photograph everything.  Owners can begin to clean up the property, clear debris and assess what repairs will need to be made.  If the coverage includes business interruption insurance, that will provide for the business to operate out of a temporary location until their building is repaired. 

Prior to and following a significant weather event, your insurance agent is your biggest advocate for the safety of your business.  The agents at San Marcos Insurance Group understand the challenges and potential threats to small businesses in the Chandler, AZ area.  They will work with you to get the coverage that your business needs while keeping premiums low.  Call or visit today!