7 Strange Health Tips

Many health tips are well-known, such as eating less and exercising more will lead to weight loss, or drink more water to prevent dehydration.  These 7 health tips may seem a little strange, but they work to improve your health.

  1. Skip the energy drink when you need energy because you’ll avoid the spike and crash when it wears off.  A big glass of water will improve your energy for a long time consistently.
  2. Eat less by eating more protein.  A 100-calorie snack of crackers may seem like the way to go, but eating something with more protein will sustain your hunger longer.  No matter how carbs are dressed up, it will cause you to crave more carbs.
  3. Skip the diet soda when you want to lose weight.  Studies show that dieters who regularly drink diet sodas eat more food calories.
  4. When you’re feeling exhausted is the best time to get some exercise.  A single 30-minute moderate exercise session will energize you and also improve your mood.
  5. Cool off by drinking a hot beverage.  Sipping a hot cup of tea will increase your body’s natural sweat production and cool you off naturally as it evaporates from your skin.
  6. Stop using antibacterial soap to help prevent illness.  Studies show no evidence that antibacterial soap is more effective than regular soap.  Long-term exposure to the chemicals can decrease necessary natural bacteria that helps fight infection.
  7. Handwritten notes can help boost your brainpower.  Handwriting notes will help improve your memory and boost the brain because it’s processing more information.

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