Auto Insurance For Teen Drivers

Things often get confusing when it comes to car insurance for teen drivers. In most cases, young drivers are likely to cause more car accidents compared to older drivers, meaning that the risk level that the insurance company covers is higher. Younger drivers who are aged 16 and below have a higher crash rate compared to 18 and 19-year-old teens.  This makes teen car insurance a bit costly. The younger your teen is the more you will pay for the coverage.

Are you searching for car insurance policy for your teen? Companies like San Marcos Insurance Group serve the Chandler, AZ area and its surroundings and can provide affordable auto insurance for teen drivers.

Teen auto insurance alternatives

Since auto insurance policies for teens can be a little costly, here are some options to consider:

Add a teen to your auto insurance policy

One of the easiest and less costly ways to get auto insurance for your teen is to add them to your policy. Parents who add their teen to their policy should expect their rates to run high. Sometimes, these rates can go higher than insuring an adult driver.

Contact the insurance company and discuss the changes you would like to make on your policy in details. They will provide the minimum and maximum coverage limit to ensure that they inform you of the ins and outs of each coverage, including the available discounts. Also, ensure you have your teen’s driver’s license data before contacting your preferred insurance company.

Buy your teen their own policy

Are you wondering if you can get a separate teen auto insurance in Chandler, AZ? Yes, insurers can sell covers directly to teens. However, you must know what the state laws stipulate when it comes to your teen’s ability to sign for insurance. For instance, you might be required to co-sign and this doesn’t come cheaply. In fact, the teen might have a higher premium than adding them to a guardian or parent’s policy.

You can get teen auto insurance from San Marcos Insurance Group. Contact us today for more information.