Can I Insure Just My Kids on a Health Insurance Policy?

At San Marcos Insurance Group, we are often asked about health insurance policies. Many people in the Chandler, AZ area wonder if they can insure just their kids under a policy, or if they have to insure themselves as well under that same policy. Here is some information you should know if you have this question.

If you are looking to only insure your child, it has gotten hard to find child only health insurance policies since Obamacare came to pass. This is because everyone is required to carry health insurance now, so theoretically, your child should be covered under the same plan that you are. However, this is not always the case. If you are looking for a child only policy, they are still available, but fewer insurers are offering them. As such, you may need to spend more time looking for them than you used to. You may also have to show that you are enrolled in a health insurance plan in order to enroll your children in a different plan. Also keep in mind that your children may be eligible for state run insurance, so be sure to look into that if you are looking for health insurance for just your children.

If you are looking to purchase a health insurance policy in the greater Chandler, AZ area, call San Marcos Insurance Group. We are an insurance brokerage firm who can help you with a wide array of insurance policies, including health insurance. We can help you find the right insurance policy for just your kids, for yourself or for your entire family. Give us a call today to get started and get the health coverage that is needed for your household.