Commercial Insurance

Businesses benefit from insurance, in crisis situations, which threatens its existence.  Also, your landlord may require coverages to protect the landlord’s property. San Marcos Insurance Group Chandler, AZ will take care of your business, protecting you and your clients or customers.   

Business Owner’s Policy

This policy is your Business-saver insurances which is a combination of general liability and property insurance.  General liability will cover injuries to third persons on your property but no injuries to employees.  If there is a personal injury including damage to one’s reputation to a client or customer or the business, the General liability insurance will cover:

*   Lawyers’ fees.
*    The damages you owe the client.
*    The client’s or customer’s medical bills.
*    Any and other lawsuit costs.

It there fires your property insurance will cover all business property which would include desks,  chairs, computers, and any business fixtures. General liability does not cover:

* Damage to your property.
*  Employee injuries.
*  Employment disputes.
*  Damage to your vehicles.
*  Professional mistakes.

Fidelity and Crime Insurance
Covers employee fraud and dishonesty

Business Car Insurance
Business purpose only

Workers Compensation Insurance
Arizona’s Workers Compensation legislation is based upon  "no-fault" regulations.  "No-fault"  means that if an employee is injured on the job, it does not make a difference as to who caused the injury or if the damage was caused by the injured worker’s bad performance.  The injured worker cannot make a legal claim to a court and file a lawsuit against his employer, or another employee.  The compensation for the employee’s injury is limited by the rules and regulations of the Workers Compensation payment rates.

San Marcos Insurance Group Chandler, AZ, our staff is experts in this area of business or commercial insurance.  Please call!