Do I Need Home Insurance? If so, Why?

Did you know that approximately 93% of American homeowners possess some home insurance? Although home insurance isn’t legally required in many states, unlike car insurance, your lender likely requires it if you have a mortgage. Let’s delve deeper into why. If you require assistance in Chandler, AZ, consider reaching out to San Marcos Insurance Group.

Why a Lender Requires Home Insurance

When you secure a mortgage, you’re essentially taking out a protected loan. Your property, purchased with the mortgage, serves as the collateral. Thus, in cases of delayed or missed loan payments, the lender can seize the property to settle the remaining balance. Any surplus amount after covering the debts, referred to as "excess proceeds," goes back to the property owner in Arizona.

Mortgages are generally less costly than credit cards, personal loans, and various other debt forms. This is largely because the loan is backed by a high-value property, reducing the lender’s risks. However, if a home gets damaged by a storm or fire, the property’s value diminishes, increasing the lender’s risks. Consequently, lenders necessitate that a home insurance policy safeguard the property.

The Consequences of Cancelling Home Insurance

Canceling or ceasing the payment for home insurance on a property can result in the mortgage lender procuring an insurance policy and billing the property owner. The terms of this insurance policy may not be beneficial from the property owner’s perspective. Therefore, working with an insurance agent to select a plan is often more advantageous. If you need help in Chandler, AZ, the San Marcos Insurance Group is ready to assist you.