Does Commercial Insurance Protect My Business During a Severe Weather Event?

Severe weather events can cause serious damage to communities, businesses and homes.  Business owners know that weather events can not only harm their physical structures but also disrupt their ability to serve their clientele.  Many owners wonder if they are covered if there is weather damage.  The simple answer is ‘yes’.  Most commercial insurance packages cover the physical structure of a business.  The amount and type of coverage that the business owner has will determine how the insurance company will compensate the business for the damage to or loss of a structure.  Within a commercial policy, the property insurance portion will cover not only the building but also the equipment and inventory.  The agents at San Marcos Insurance Group serve businesses in the Chandler, AZ area.  They can ensure that your business has the coverage needed.

It is important to know that during a large-scale weather event, insurance adjusters will be inundated with calls from customers so there may be some delay in them getting to the business’ property.  In order to begin operating normally as quickly as possible, business owners should photograph everything.  Owners can begin to clean up the property, clear debris and assess what repairs will need to be made.  If the coverage includes business interruption insurance, that will provide for the business to operate out of a temporary location until their building is repaired. 

Prior to and following a significant weather event, your insurance agent is your biggest advocate for the safety of your business.  The agents at San Marcos Insurance Group understand the challenges and potential threats to small businesses in the Chandler, AZ area.  They will work with you to get the coverage that your business needs while keeping premiums low.  Call or visit today!