How Arizona’s sun harms your car

One of the nice things about living in Chandler, AZ is just how bright and sunny it is here, every single day, even in the Winter. Even when the temperatures drop to just a few degrees below freezing in the Winter, the sun still seems to shine through no matter what. This is great if you hate overcast, dreary, depressing gray days. But it’s not always so good for your skin, and it’s not always so good for your car, either.

Your car functions a little bit like your body in the way that it responds to the sun. Too much exposure can result in damage to the exterior, and even overheating. You protect your body by using sunscreen and staying in the shade when you can, and you can protect your car with the same principles.

Too much sun will cause your paint to fade, chip and peel, but regular waxing can help to deflect some of the sun’s rays and keep your paint job looking like new for years to come. You can also buy a car in a lighter color so that it will reflect the sunlight rather than absorb the heat.

Likewise, you want to keep your car in the shade whenever you can. Not everyone in Chandler, AZ has a garage, of course, but you can invest in a cover to throw over your car if you’re going to be leaving it outside for awhile in the sun, or park it in a shady spot like under a tree.

It’s unlikely the sun will do enough damage that you need to put in a claim through San Marcos Insurance Group, but it can do some harm. Let San Marcos Insurance Group worry about major damages, you worry about protecting your car from getting sunburned.