Is Theft Covered by Commercial Insurance?

Commercial businesses in Chandler, AZ stand to lose a lot in the case of theft, regardless of whether or not it’s physical or virtual. Commercial insurance will typically cover theft, but there are a few warnings for business owners before they take that at face value. Learn more about how your limits can affect your livelihood in the case of theft. 

Hard Caps 

It’s important for business owners to understand what their policy is before they choose it, but unfortunately, it seems the only thing many owners understand is the price of the premium. This can’t be the only way you decide which commercial insurance is right for you in Chandler, AZ if you hope to survive a number of different threats. San Marcos Insurance Group can help you understand more about what your limits are, and whether or not you need better protection. These limits set a hard cap as to how much money will be paid out in the event of a claim. So if a thief takes $50,000 worth of merchandise and you only have a $25,000 limit, you’ll won’t be able to recoup the full costs of the lost goods. 

Calling San Marco Insurance Group 

Everyone is at risk of theft, no matter what type of business they own. Hackers continue to be on the rise even if physical theft is not a concern for you. No matter what your risks are, you stand to lose a lot in the case of theft, so give San Marcos Insurance Group a call to learn more about how we can help. Our staff has the experience and the skills to explain everything you need to know. We’re happy to answer your questions, provide a quote, or just talk to you about your primary concerns for your business.