Weathering the Damages

Believe it or not, the climate you live in can make a significant difference in how long you can expect your car to stay in like-new condition. The salty sea air, for instance, can really wreak havoc on a finish. If you live in Arizona, you have your own concerns to consider, such as…

  • Sunshine

The harsh sun of Chandler, AZ can be a bit much at times, and it can cause your car’s finish to fade and peel long before its time. The best way to prevent this is with regular waxing. Lighter colors also tend to fade more slowly. And of course, you should use a reflector in your windshield in order to keep your steering wheel from melting right onto your seat.

  • Sand

Those fine grains of sand when you drive on the desert highways, they can do a number on your car. The most apparent damage will be done to the finish as it sort of sands away at the coat. Again, waxing can help here, as can regular washing to get rid of stand still clinging to the car.

  • Dryness

That desert dryness can do a lot of damage to your car. The hot pavement can fry the rubber like an egg, leading to a blowout. Your best bet here is to store your car in a garage or under cover when possible.

If you don’t take care of your car, you could be looking at higher premiums on your insurance when your provider sees that you’re constantly going in for repairs. Keep your car in good condition, drive safe, and contact us for some free quotes. Contact San Marcos Insurance Group today for more information.