Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Home Business?

Running a business from your home in Chandler, AZ can reduce overhead, let you work from home, and keep startup costs low. It’s still important to make sure your business is insured, though. Here’s a look at whether your home business should be protected by commercial insurance.

Evaluating Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Homeowners insurance policies sometimes provide based coverage for home-based businesses. Not all policies do, however, and coverage can be quite limited when provided. It might apply to basic equipment like a printer, computer, minimal inventory, and some liability lawsuits. 

If your business only has basic needs and you can access coverage through homeowners insurance, additional commercial insurance might not be necessary. We at San Marcos Insurance Group can help you evaluate your homeowner’s policy coverage.

The Importance of Commercial Insurance

If you can’t get adequate coverage through a homeowners policy, you should probably get commercial insurance for your home business. 

Plan on purchasing commercial insurance if your homeowner’s policy doesn’t provide any coverage, if your business has major assets, or if major liabilities come with your work. You could also need commercial insurance if your business has any particular risks, such as product risk if you sell potentially dangerous products.

Ready to Safeguard Your Home Business?

If you’re operating a business from your home in Chandler, AZ, don’t wait to find out the hard way that your insurance coverage is inadequate. Contact us at San Marcos Insurance Group, and we’ll help you ensure your business is properly covered. We can assist with adequately covered homeowners insurance and many other types of policies.